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Touring around Umm Hazim and Ushaiqer, Saudi Arabia

This was the last big two-day off-road trip of the winter season for me, as I can feel summer stealthily approaching now, but what a super trip to end on. 

So, if you fancy a Sunday drive, I recommend taking this route from Riyadh to Ushaiqer. If time permits, go that bit further to Umm Hazim, where the sand is orange and the scenery is epic.

It is a good two-hour drive each way, passing very interesting countryside and some nice little places to stop off along the way to take iconic photos of Saudi Arabia and the local culture. 

It is open road, so you can give the car a good spin and shake off the stress of city driving.

While I was in the area, I also checked out some of the more remote hinterland spaces, and

they were stunning.

Desert Lake

Be ready for side trips with friendly locals who may want to take you for tea and dates and show you around their family estates.

We spent two full days driving, camped in the wild for one night, encountered a sandstorm that disoriented us on our way back home, and made plenty of stops along the road to take pictures with camels and other happy local livestock, such as very shaggy long-eared Najd goats who are native to region!! #sauditourism


The sun setting on a great off road touring season.

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